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Individuals as pioneers filled with great Motivation and dedication!


PRINCIPAL-Elite school of Optometry

DR Krishna Kumar who has more than 20 years of experience in Optometry education, is also a keen Occupational Optometrist who always guides and motivates the Optometry graduates across the nation to do great for the society. His contributions to the optometry society just cannot be explained in words! DR Krishna Kumar always expects the students to be Innovative and believes that this generation of students will bring innovative changes to our nation’s welfare. He always motivates his team to deliver eminent service to the CVD community. His motivation has in turn lead to the creation of our website colourvision.org.in

Graduated from IIT Kanpur in 1994, worked at TATA motors and HCL technologies .Been in techno managerial positions over 20 years. His start-up company Srushty Global Solutions provides core solutions for engineering services and product development. Mr.Marutha and his team have supported our lead instructor to firmly establish colourvision.org.in. Srushty global solutions sees and breathes innovation in all of its products and today the organization has achieved various success in developing new product/service. We at colourvision.org.in are happy to have Mr.Marutha as our well wisher !

Director-Srushty Global Solutions Pvt Ltd


A Pioneer in Medical Genetics

Prof. G. Kumaramanickvel is a pioneer in medical genetics. He has done genetic counselling for over 11,000 patients and has 110 peer-reviewed publications. He is a recognized PhD guide in various universities in India and abroad. He and his team have provided informative data for genetics and CVD to our website. We are very thankful to Dr.GKM and his team especially Ms.Vinodhini who took the responsibility in delivering such informative data on ‘genetics and CVD’ which is found in our contents page. Colourvision.org.in is happy to expand its collaboration with center for medical genetics in near future.

Shri A Mahalingam has impressive academic credentials in diverse areas such as Hospital Management, Operations Management, Training & Development from reputed educational institutions like BITS, Pilani, IGNOU to name a few besides attending high profile Total Quality Management programs, seminars and training sessions.He has donned several caps during his long tenure at Sankara Nethralaya and has brought a glorious feather to all of them. While his professional achievements in diverse areas like enhancing patient inflow, improving patient satisfaction levels, employee productivity, revenue, Total quality Management are noteworthy he also played a major role in building a strong rapport and goodwill with the Media, stakeholders, government and NGO agencies and the outside world at large. Colourvision.org.in is proud to have Shri A Mahalingam as its well wisher!

Director- Twintech Academy Business Management Solutions


Colour and Print Technologist, Product Manager- Heidelberg India Pvt Ltd

Mr Ganesh demonstrated over 14 years of successful business management primarily in Product management positions, sales and marketing analysis, colour management consulting, both domestically and internationally. He was awarded as “Best Young Manager” by Madras Management Association. Mr Ganesh also has a diverse technical knowledge in areas like Pre-press (workflow, RIP, Color Management tools), Press (flexo, offset, inkjet, dry toner, packaging) & Postpress, color management projects like ISO 12647-2 and many more. Colourvision.org.in has developed Dalton’s PIP , the effective screening tool for CVD under his advice and guidance during the early phases. Colourvision.org.in is proud to have Mr.Ganesh as its well wisher!

DR Anuradha is a well-known personality when we speak about community services related to Optometry. She and her team have delivered and are delivering eminent services to the community eye care programme via School vision screening. DR Anuradha has more than 15 years of experience in community services as well as in Optometry education. DR Anuradha also serves as a senior Lecturer in the prestigious Elite school of Optometry. Her advice helped us in constructing colourvision.org.in website in a better way.

A pioneer in community Optometry services


An Eminent Post-Doctoral Researcher, Lecturer and a keen Occupational Optometrist!

DR Rashima Asokan is a post -Doctoral Researcher with more than 12 years of experience in the field of Optometry .DR Rashima always motivates her students to bring Innovative changes to the field of Optometry education and Ophthalmic diagnostics. DR Rashima also serves as a senior Lecturer in the prestigious Elite school of Optometry. Colourvision.org.in is very happy to have DR.Rashima as its well-wisher!

DR Jameel Rizwana Hussaindeen is a Post-Doctoral Researcher and a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry & College of Optometrists in Vision Development. She heads the Binocular vision and vision therapy clinic in Sankara Nethralaya, a unit of Medical research foundation, Chennai. Her intense knowledge and advice helped us in shaping Dalton’s PIP. Colourvision.org.in is very happy to have DR.Rizwana as its well-wisher!

A Pioneer and Post-Doctoral researcher in the field of Binocular vision!

Dr Rajeswari Mahadevan

A pioneer in contact lens education

Dr Rajeswari Mahadevan is the head of the contact lens clinic at the Medical Research Foundation, Sankara Nethralaya, India. She is also an Associate Professor at the Elite School of Optometry and SN Academy. She serves as a Key Professional Leader for Bausch +Lomb, Alcon, Johnson & Johnson. She is a FIACLE since the year 2000. She was awarded the first initiated, IACLE Asia Pacific Contact Lens Educator of the Year Award in the year 2014. She received the FBCLA fellowship in the year 2014. Colourvision.org.in is very happy to have DR.Rajeswari as its well-wisher!

DR Vishwanathan heads the Optometry department at Sankara Nethralaya since 2008 and has over two decades of clinical experience in various areas in Eye care. He is also a Lecturer at Elite school of Optometry and is involved in teaching under graduate and post graduate optometry students since 2002. Dr Vishwanathan also holds a fellowship in British dispensing optics, his current area of interest is Myopia control.Colourvision.org.in is very happy to have DR Vishwanathan as its well-wisher!
Dr vishwanthan

A pioneer in Dispensing Optics

Ms. Vijayalakshmi A

A pioneer in clinical Optometry

Ms.Vijayalakshmi is the manager for Optometry department – Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai. She has years of clinical experience and has expertise in teaching and training students/Optometrists in clinical skills. She also serves as a senior lecturer and clinical mentor for students in Elite school of Optometry. Colourvision.org.in is very happy to have Ms.Vijayalakshmi as its well-wisher!

Ms.Sarika heads the low vision care clinic at Sankara Nethralaya, chennai. She is currently pursuing her Phd under Sastra university, Tanjore. She has an intense knowledge in low vision care and she serves helping many students who have low vision to pursue their education. Her shared experience on CVD individuals and their difficulty with careers really motivated us to add the career related awareness section on this website. Colourvision.org.in is very happy to have Ms.Sarika as its well-wisher!
Ms.Sarika Gopalakrishnan

A Pioneer in the field of low vision care

Ms Kalpa Negiloni

Optometrist & Vision researcher

Ms.Kalpa is an Optometrist and vision researcher at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai. She served as a paediatric Optometrist few years back. Her intense knowledge and her wonderful suggestions really boosted our thought process in developing colourvision.org.in - mobile application. She is currently pursuing her Phd under Sastra University, Tanjore. Colourvision.org.in is very happy to have Ms.Kalpa as its well-wisher!

Thanks on a personal note!

"I would also personally like to thank the staffs, students and faculty members of the Elite school of Optometry(Prestigious Institute where I graduated from), Ms.Uma Paramesh – Administrator, Elite school of Optometry, my dear seniors( especially the batch of 28,(ESO )& ESOAA ) and juniors, I would also like to extend my thanks to Ms.Sruthi Sree, Ms.Ambika and Ms.Subhiksha ( Community Optometrist’s), My friends and all the wonderful people who have supported and are supporting colour vision deficient community across the nation and globe.”

-Mohan Venkat
(Founder and Managing Director - colourvision.org.in)

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