Life with CVD

Living with colour vision deficiency:

During childhood:

Colouring tools used in art class


Identifying colours of plants, trees, flowers, fruits!

During childhood, a CVD child might feel uncomfortable seeing and naming a particular colour. Both teachers and parents might misunderstand that the child is not learning the colours properly. But here the scenario is quite different. CVD children confuse with colours in their art class, may not be able to play colour based games, may not be able to pick the correct colour crayon if asked, Rainbows appear to them only with a maximum of 3-4 colours based upon the type of CVD, they feel difficulty in telling the colours of plants, leaves, fruits, vegetables and flowers. The actual fact might still be unknown unless otherwise the child is being diagnosed. But as congenital CVD being a genetic disorder, there is no prompt required for early screening as the child is too small to be correctly interpreted in the test results.

Difficulty in playing colour based games!

Watching sports/playing video games which involves colour confusion could be a challenge to CVD!

Tips for Parents/Teachers to avoid child getting confused over colours:

1. Ensure child always uses colouring tools with the names written on it. This will make the child to identify correct colours during their Art class/ colouring tasks. Slowly CVD child will learn/memorize the colours they use alongside the names.

2. Do not pressurize children in order to name a colour correctly.

3. Ensure they play games which appear comfortable to them, colour based complex games are advised to be avoided generally.

Later stages of life:

1. Every electrical device which uses LED lights to indicate something is a permanent source of annoyance.
2. Colored maps and graphics can sometimes be very hard to decipher.
3. If meat is cooked can’t be told by its colour.
4. And you can’t tell if a fruit or vegetable is ripe or not yet.
5. If you a have a colour vision defect you can’t just choose flowers which fit together nicely, or a painting which fits with the furniture, or a carpet.
6. You also can’t create a web site or an image with nicely matching colours.
7. And you will never be able to easily match your shirt with your tie, your trousers with your shoes, your whole wardrobe. In this case you need a pair of colour enabled eyes which help you out(i.e.your family, friends could help you out).
8. By far the biggest issue is matching colours and specially matching clothes.

Chemistry lab-practicals

Other important areas of difficulty that a CVD individual faces when he is in school are the laboratory hours in chemistry lab, where CVD students take longer time to note the end point in titration.


People who are CVD might confuse with the field sports where two teams play, such as Hockey, Cricket, Football etc…They get confused when they notice teams with quite similar uniforms.

Also in sports and games like Billiards, Snooker, Darts, Archery and similar sports where colour targets are involved, there will be confusion in spotting the right targets. Yet there are many people in sports with CVD who overcome all this small odds and achieve their goals!

How to overcome such odds in sports?
In any sports one would get more involved and get attached to a particular game only(it would be either football/ cricket/ hockey or billiards etc…)thereby day in and day out when these sport stars play they usually get used to the targets and scenarios. Change in rules do not occur simultaneously in the field of sports and henceforth people with CVD are used to the situations and could manage such small odds.

England cricket team batsmen Gary Ballance said he feels difficulty with the new pink ball which was introduced recently

CVD Career selection:

When grown up as an adult, people with CVD must be very cautious while choosing their career as few of the careers do not permit the entry of people with CVD.
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Traffic signals (OLD VS NEW-Just for CVD!)
Earlier days CVD individuals were handicap to traffic signals, they used to confuse between green/yellow and red. Many countries even refused to permit a driving licence for such individuals. But thanks to the traffic signalling systems used today, this system is made with reference to the CVD individuals, and today CVD community has a safe journey in India with respect to the traffic signal lights.

Technological Aids for CVD

There are various technological aids that would help CVD to perform many tasks as the normal. Where there are many mobile applications, gadgets available in the market to help CVD, we at have chosen the most popular and most consistent sources based on reviews and suggestions from CVD community across the globe.

Eyeteq a video enhancement system available for both television and computer screens. This software has a floating filter which could be moved around the screen and enables CVD to see through as the normal. The system alters colours frame-by-frame - without spoiling the view for persons who have normal colour vision. Thereby both normal and CVD would enjoy the video in television/computer at the same time.


Chrome Daltonize- daltonize in google chrome (available as google extension and app) It is one step towards solving the issue of colour-accessibility on the Internet – a Google Chrome extension enabling users to daltonize the image content of websites. Daltonization is a technique of exposing details to CVD users, enabling them see what they otherwise would have missed. The system asks for the type of CVD and based on the type it filters the webpage content.

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Colour detector App for Android/IOS/Windows

There are many apps which does colour detection, names the colour that CVD see through their smartphone’s camera. The best reliable app based upon our analysis is the ‘color detector’ app which is available in both android play store and apple’s app store. We at are very delighted to let you know that we are at the end stage of completing our mobile application project which will be a great tool for CVD. Check for updates in your near future!

Titration colorcam

This mobile app alarms at the endpoint of specified titration preparation in chemistry labs. It is very useful for chemists. The software is constructed by the students from IISER,Kolkata.
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