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Careers & Industries requiring perfect colour vision

Indian Police Service
Why CVD cannot become a police officer?
This is because a police officer handles colour differentiation in many of his cases in his career predominantly. Consider this small example for instance: A Police officer witnesses a theft and he has to report it to the police department. Here he has to submit the details of the theft which includes colour of the suspect’s dress, the colour of the vehicle which the suspect used, Colour of suspect’s hair, skin etc... And in many situations there is a mere possibility of getting help from his co- officers.

Is there a possibility to work in the police department being CVD?
Yes but only in non-technical ranks and grades. Non-technical rank involves office work, on table paper work, base ranks and administration. But they cannot be a Grade-A officer like the IPS officer who like others undergoes his written examination, clears both physical fitness test and medical fitness test which involves testing of various aspects in which diagnosing colour vision deficiency (CVD) is one.



An unreached dream...

In order to join in Indian Army one should be physically, mentally and technically fit and should have undergone all the written, physical and medical clearance examinations. Only then he/she is to be included into the Nation’s most elite serving group. When we talk about medical clearance exam, here colour vision deficiency (CVD) screening is one of the crucial tests which the candidates undergoes .If failed such individuals are neglected from the selection committee and he/she has to choose an alternate career.

Left UNFIT for the job! But why??
While one has taken a very important job of protecting our country, it is very crucial to know about CVD in two relative ways. First will the person be more cautious of what he is dealing with? Second here in this profile career, it’s definitely a matter of life and death! One such scenario in ARMY as reported by the Indian Armed forces selection committee officers is the concept of CAMOUFLAGE, where a soldier in order to attack an enemy in an inbuilt operation, his/her strategy is to hide along with their background, say as if this soldier in picture is doing so. And another important issue is the signal codes which comes from his/her team, Radar signals, weaponry colour targets etc... All are based upon certain colour codes where CVD might feel uncomfortable.



Why can't CVD become INDIAN AIRFORCE pilots?

A dream to fly high becomes meaningless!
When we talk about pilot, Indefinitely there are involved with using RADAR signal interpretation day in and out while at their workplace (i.e. the aircraft).RADAR basically uses signalling lights in terms of red and green, a system which is been the same ever since. Here also it’s a matter of short contemporary fiction between life and death. Also as an Indian Airforce fighter pilot one must take quick and crucial decisions on board via analysing the colour codes and signals. Missile firing is another crucial task which involves colour codes in setting the target correctly and precisely, any miscalculations here will result in negative.



Why CVD cannot become a Naval officer?

Sailors need RADAR and SONAR systems being integrated to their ships without which it’s not an easy task to jump into the ocean ans sail! And today is not like the days of Christopher Columbus while one could just manage his voyage by use of magnetic direction pointing compass. Also many weaponry systems and monitoring systems use colour specified codes and targets. It should be known that the safety signs inside the Naval ship/defence utility vessels use colour codes Similar to air force, Navy also faces the similar issues with regards to CVD selection and this becomes the reason for neglecting CVD individuals from selection.


Why CVD cannot become a fire fighter?

It is because this career involves lot of colour based codes for taking immediate actions and decisions. They have specific colour codes for their plan and their equipment’s constitute colour code usage .And in most cases the scenarios will be in between life and death. Thereby it is best that CVD avoids such careers where identifying correct colour codes are the most predominant tasks.


Why CVD cannot become pilots?

Pilots are involved using Radar Signal Interpretation day in and day out while at their workplace(i.e. the aircraft-cockpit and in airport runway).Radar and runway signalling system basically uses signalling lights in terms of Red And Green signal lights, a System which has been the same ever since. This career also involves matters of short contemporary fiction between life and death.

Interesting facts:
Currently there are group of people in Australia who are protesting a claim for the CVD pilots in their country via changing the existing RADAR system into blue - yellow signaling lights. Australian civil aviation rules permit colour vision deficient pilots, but they are restricted to be only the co-pilots which means they cannot become the captain, also they are restricted from driving at nights. But that is in Australia. In our nation no such rules are enforced. Thereby for now let us drive the CVD community towards their other passions!!


Why CVD cannot become Air traffic controllers?
Similar as Pilots, Air traffic controllers handle the RADAR signals and certain colour codes which determines the path, location of the aircraft. A good colour vision is more crucial in this career as Air traffic controller makes crucial decisions for many aircrafts at the same time, they also control the airport runway signal lights which helps an aircraft to land/take off during night.

What are the other airport jobs where CVD is restricted?
Aircraft Marshalling and airport baggage handlers are checked for good colour vision. These jobs also involve many colour coded task handling. Thereby CVD are restricted to enter into these careers.


Airport baggage handler


Why CVD cannot become Loco Drivers/Train traffic controllers?
Loco Drivers and Train traffic controllers use complex and highly intense colour coding systems for railway signal’s and signal interpretation. Thereby for CVD people entering into Indian railways for technical posts like Loco Drivers and Train traffic controllers the condition, the challenge and the rules aren’t feasible for them. But a person can be a part of INDIAN RAILWAYS even if he has colour vision deficiency only in certain Non-technical posts which involve only administrative works and on-table office works.

Marine engineering and Maritime Industry

Why CVD cannot join Marine engineering?
Colour vision deficiency (CVD) in the Maritime Industry can be a struggle. As maritime seafarers are working in the seas, they may be required to identify lights and signals. If they have a colour vision deficiency, this important part of their job could be impossible to do. There are also a multitude of symbols, signs, markers, maps and other signals that maritime officers must be able to quickly identify and evaluate, which requires them to accurately see colours.


Why CVD cannot join Forensic Science Department in India?
Forensic science involves collection of blood samples, fingerprints and analysis of these with certain tools which involves specific colour identification and colour processing, crime scene – recognition, collection, and preservation, crime scene photography etc…in which colour detection and colour recognition/identification plays a vital role alongside other evaluations. Department of forensic sciences, INDIA thereby doesn’t permit individuals with colour vision deficiency.

Colour quality inspector/Colour matcher

This particular career has the most important prominent position in industries like paint industry, print industry, textile industry, leather industry and similar corresponding firms. The person who is appointed as the colour matcher/colour quality inspector has a very crucial role in determining the productivity of these specified industries, any miscalculations will lead to negative results here. Thereby such industries do not prefer a person who has colour vision deficiency to perform these crucial colour matching and colour quality inspection tasks. Also to note that today with advancements in technology many such industries uses CVD friendly safety codes in their work place, people with colour vision deficiency in these industries are now appointed for R & D department and for non-technical works. In few such industries CVD individuals are even permitted as quality inspectors by allowing them to use denotative coding system and technological aids. Yet CVD individuals are neglected for the primary positions as colour matcher/colour quality inspector.



Shades of colour in leather material
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