Red blood-Black blood!

During our child hood days this particular tongue twister went hilarious among us (say red blood black blood and black blood red blood continuously without blabbering words) Difficult right! But there is some thing apart from this and it appears to worry the CVD community to a larger extent. We all know that majority of CVD have difficulty in differentiating red and green hues when mixed up or resembled together .Likewise one of the major challenge for them is to differentiate red from black, most of the times red appears as black for them. This is a serious problem as CVD fail to find blood in their urine, stools and are difficult to identify red eyes, changes in skin thus projecting them under riskier category!

One such actual example was when a CVD person was diagnosed to have colon rectal cancer, a health threatening condition! Here the doctor has advised the CVD individual to check for blood in stools and urine as signs. But unfortunately CVD could never find it precisely, he could think that as normal and so the diagnosis and treatment got delayed for the person but luckily saved by the laboratory stool analysis.

Our National Flag!But how does CVD perceive our Indian flag?

A Brief look on to the design of our tricoloured flag:

Our National flag is designed with 4 different colours. Saffron on the top, white in between ,India Green below and dark Navy blue for the Ashok chakra. Saffron signifies courage, sacrifice and reunification. White is for peace and harmony, Green signifies prosperity and immortality of our united nation. The Ashok Chakra is a depiction of Dharma Chakra. It has 24 spokes radiating from the centre. It represents righteousness, justice and forwardness. The symbolism of wheel is that of constant movement that heralds progress and repels stagnation.

Another underlying symbolism of the three colours is based on the secular principles of India as a country. The saffron represents Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, the white is for Christianity and the green stands for Islam. The flag as a whole represents a confluence of all religious principles, but above all a philosophy of tolerance and righteousness as depicted by the Ashok Chakra in the middle.

How people with CVD perceive our Tri coloured national Flag:

It is quite obvious that for majority of the CVD community distinguishing Saffron from India green is quite a difficult challenge for them as both appears more or less the same in front of their visual colour perception. Many times they might hold the national flag upside down the other way. Also it’s important to note that holding our flag upside down is considered as an act of serious disrespect to our Nation's harmony. And it’s punishable under the rules of our laws.

It’s not common that every citizen of our nations holds the flag, day in and out! Even though it’s only two times every year, one should hold the flag in correct position in a proper way for which they have learnt from their childhood. But what about the CVD community? What happens to them if they were caught under this punishable act? Will the people be able to understand their difficulty towards recognizing and differentiating respective individual colours?

Mere Solution:

One solution is that CVD when given the opportunity to continuously go through the colours of the flag, they will be able to do the right thing. It generally takes some time for them to keenly observe and closely analyse things. But are all the flags seen everywhere across the country follow the same CIE value when designing our Flag? The answer is NO! And solution for all of this is to have a definite and even manufacturing rule across our country. All of these clearly marks the height of the challenges faced by CVD community!

Can CVD play colour differentiation based games?

As you can imagine, the possibilities for colour vision deficient users to be left out are endless, but one place I want to discuss where this can be particularly frustrating for them is with games. Imagine trying to play the computer based game below as a CVD user. Matching the colours to complete the puzzle could be quite difficult!

What needs to be done:

Few computer/mobile phone games have compensated for this by having an optional CVD mode, but to make it simple just consider adding symbols in addition to colour to make it easier for everyone to play. As an illustration, consider a deck of playing cards. There’s more going on than red cards and black cards. Everyone playing, CVD or not, knows that the diamonds and hearts are the red cards while clubs and spades are the black cards. Even when you see these symbols in a black and white photograph, you can confidently distinguish between the red and the black cards. This is exactly how your games should be developed.

COLOUR-DETECTOR: A mobile app!

A very useful mobile application that can help people with CVD to find the correct colour. Can be used by CVD whenever they find difficult to distinguish between individual colours and while in combination and other variants. An App developed by sadens studio ltd.,a group of software techies from Malaysia and Indonesia. Saddens studio have done an incredible job! We at have tested upon various such similar apps in the market, but we found this as the best and has many more functions. – our very own mobile application

Also we are happy to share with you that we are developing our very own mobile application, keeping the profession of electrical engineers in mind. Imagine a mobile app being given to an electrical engineer such that he could correctly identify the colours of the wires he has to match just by using his smart phones camera.

Also imagine a CVD user using his mobile camera as a tool to just see as if the normal!

If that could be possible, how about integrating the same mentioned system into an augmented reality glasses! We are on to it!

We are developing lots of such interesting features, just stay in touch with

An electrical engineer using our beta app which is under construction.

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