About 8 percent of males and 0.5 percent of females in the global population have colour vision deficiency (CVD). Which makes 1 student in every classroom or at least 1 person in almost every group to be colour vision deficient. CVD affects the male population predominantly. Red-green colour deficiency is the most common type.

Although there are many awareness sessions which takes place across the country, still a majority of people in our country are unaware of CVD and its effects on individual's career. This is where COLOURVISION.ORG.IN is going to play a major role. We at colourvision.org.in provide an entire platform for colour vision deficient people. From awareness to genetic counseling, we give information on Career guidance for CVD, problems faced by CVD in the society, their solutions and much more. Looking forward to your support!

Our MISSION is always with a great VISION

At COLOURVISION.ORG.IN, Our mission is to create awareness regarding Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD)! Today in our country there are many children who are Colour Vision Deficient (CVD) but unfortunately, they are left undiagnosed leaving them to choose careers which doesn’t hold them well. Getting into the Indian Armed Forces and relevant jobs where CVD is denied is quite a big challenge for them. But at the same time there are plenty other careers in which they could succeed! A detailed discussion on this is given in our ‘CVD & career’ content page.


The term colour blindness is being falsely misused by many people and it is often misleading the actual and correct term which is ‘colour vision deficiency’ (CVD). Individuals with colour deficiency do see some limited number of colour's. The term ‘colour blindness’ refers to be blind to colour's, which is actually a very rare scenario and it isn’t the correct term to describe colour deficient people.

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Daily Challenges

There are many challenges faced by colour deficient people with their activities of daily living. This includes choosing matching clothes, differentiating between ripe/unripe fruits & vegetables, differentiaing between cooked meat from uncooked one. CVD also face difficulty while at school, in sports etc... Know More


our mascot

We at colourvision.org.in have chosen ‘Rainbow Lorikeet’ (a species of parrot) as our mascot. This beautiful bird has got the seven colour's of the rainbow in its body. As this beautiful parrot spreads its wings across the sky, a person who has CVD must also spread his wings and reach greater heights in his life despite the challenges faced by him as colour deficient.


A new milestone achieved

A wonderful screening tool developed by the members of colourvision.org.in and sphere sight Pvt Ltd. This CVD screening tool proves to be the most effective tool ever in community eye care, school vision screening and for eye care practitioners. A team of dedicated Optometrists and vision researchers have put enormous effort in bringing ‘Dalton’s pseudo-isochromatic plates(PIP)’ for screening CVD individuals. We at colourvision.org.in believe that ‘Dalton’s PIP’ will simplify the process of screening CVD among school children in an eminent way!... Know More


Mohan Venkat

Founder & Managing Director - colourvision.org.in

An Optometrist, Entrepreneur who graduated from the Elite school of Optometry, Chennai is also the director for Sphere Sight Pvt Ltd, a start-up which in near future will bring innovative diagnostic tools to the ophthalmic community. This idea to create an awareness website for CVD community (the first of its kind in India) was started a year back when this organization noticed many school going children and people who had CVD being left undiagnosed and unfit for many careers which they dreamed to become. At colourvision.org.in our mission is not only to create awareness about CVD, but also to help the colour vision deficient people to enhance their lives in a more productive way.

I would like to personally convey my thanks to Dr.Kumar and Mr.Marutha(Director – Srushty Global Solutions) who motivated and supported us through all phases of our journey.

- Mohan Venkat
Founder & Managing Director - colorvision.org.in

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